Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro Windows 7

QuickBooks Enterprise data files in Windows 7 cannot be opened in QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Also, Enterprise data files cannot be opened in QuickBooks for Mac. The main reason to use QuickBooks Enterprise rather than Pro, Premier, or Mac is the list limits. All versions of Quickbooks other than Enterprise only allow 14,500 names in lists (Customer, Vendor, Items and Employees). If your list size is under these limits, you can safely convert your QuickBooks Enterprise data file to Pro, Premier, or Mac.

To downgrade your Windows 7 Quickbooks Enterprise data file to Pro or Premier, click the link below:

Windows 7 QuickBooks Enterprise Down Grade

Why use our conversion service?

Guaranteed Downgrade

We guarantee the quality of the downgrade to be 100% accurate or you won't pay the downgrade fee.


We make the data downgrades quick and easy. Simply send us a backup of your database and we do the rest!


We offer fast turnarounds. Downgrades are completed in one business day.


Your data is encrypted in accordance with ISO standards. All downgrades are completed by qualified accountants.

Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro Windows 7

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